The truly amazing Pressure Cooker

The truly amazing Pressure Cooker

Traditionally, America is known as �The Great Melting Pot�, because it welcomed people of all nationalities, color and religion. Of course there were always individuals with extreme views who'd prefer to be isolated from anything or anyone who is not like �them�. However, somehow people always were able to contain those views and LOVE, EQUALITY, PEACE and CHARITY because the underlying need for the majority. This is actually the work that has been ongoing and progressing by peace-makers all around the planet for decades. Hope

Lately it seems like the whole world is becoming �The Great Pressure Cooker�, that at any moment could explode and destroy life as many of us know it today. What type of society are we assisting to create for our future generations? How can we catch this �anger monster� that's rearing his ugly head around the world and threatening to destroy PEACE? We have to stand it SOLIDARITY for PEACE. When there is one thing most everyone in the world believes in, it�s a God that people pray to who has the POWER to alter everything. This is the time for individuals of races, religions and creeds to stand together and PRAY for PEACE.

One artist (TaRhonda) has released a song called �Say A Prayer� hoping starting the process of healing and reversing the effects of evil happening around the globe. Please check out the song and support the movement here Hope